31 Scary Pictures That Will Scare The Bejesus Out Of You

What makes your skin crawl? I guarantee, whatever it is, you will find it in this list of scary pictures. Personally, anything that lives in the ocean and has more than one row of teeth makes me pee my pants. I’m not a fan of scary movies, but there’s something about that part of the internet, where they store all the horrifying monstrosities, that I just can’t resist. There’s just something about looking at scary pics that’s appealing. Share with us which ones did you like the most

1. This is the very reason why I never go past knee deep in the ocean. Scary pics #1 and starting strong

scary pictures 1

2. Nope! When i started this scary pictures list, i didn’t think it through

scary pics 2

3. The scary part about this is… That lady is dead.

scary pics 3

4. So… Is anybody going to help this guy get off the tracks or…

scary pics 4

5. Some kind of dark spirit looming over a patient in a hospital. Apparently, the patient died a few hours after the photo was taken.

scary pics 5

6. This one is not only scary but also sad. Shadows of people vaporized when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

scary pics 6

7.  This looks more like a guy in a kayak walking his pet shark. That’s what I’m telling myself to make it less horrifying.

scary pics 7

8. What even is that?! Looks terrifying

scary pics 8

9. Don’t ask me why. Don’t ask me how. I have no idea…

scary pics - cult

10. Dead girl just want to make friends… right?

terrifying pics - fountain

11. I really hope the camera just caught her in the middle of a really intense hair flip. Because otherwise she is a ghost

scary pics - soda girl

12. Kill it with fire. Hurry up!!

scary pics - open mouth

13. Nopenopenopenopenope. So nope that i can’t even

terrifying pics 13

14. My heart says, run the hell away but my brain says “What if that’s a legit little girl lost in the woods at night? Still run

scary pics - girl in woods

15. Is that popcorn? Or a scary demon hunting us

terrifying pics 15

16. When this picture was taken, there was no lady dancing in the background. Notice the clear lack of legs…

scary pics 16

17. When you see it…The scariest picture on this list

terifying pics 17

18. Your options are either get out of the house and far away, or hide in the closet.

scary pics 18

19. Who are they? What do they want and who invited them to our wedding?

scary pics 19

20. Yeah, definitely time travel. Not really scary, though. Just interesting.

creepy pics 20

21. This one doesn’t scare me so much as it makes me sad.

scary pics 21

22. Just so you know, that’s not a living person…

creepy pics 22

23. The inside of a camel’s mouth…

scary pics 23

24. Never have your wedding at a historic place where people died. You’ll have a lot of unwanted guests.

scary pics 24

25. It honestly looks like mom stuck around and continues to go about her daily activities in the house.

scary pictures 25

26. I’m never eating fruit again.

scary pics 26

27. Good thing I already hate broccoli…

scary pictures 27

28. Tarantula tree house. If this won’t scare you, i don’t know what will

scary pictures 28

29. This just makes my skin crawl, ugh!

scary picctures 29

30. I feel like this kind of stuff happens to a lot of people who have strangers take pictures of them out in public.

scary pics 30

31. Mickey Mouse has never been more terrifying.

scary pictures 31

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