31 Rare and Interesting Pictures Of The World History

Our history in rare interesting pictures is being displayed here in this post. Because of modern technology and the internet, we can now see and have access to pictures of the past and in places we never knew we would see in real life. The gallery below is made of such pictures of rare moments in time that you might not get to see anywhere else.

1: Santa with a helmet delivering presents during the London Blitz, 1940

interesting pictures

2: Tony Kiritsis holding Richard O Hall hostage with a shotgun during a live television broadcast, 1977

interesting pictures 2

3: America mourns the germans who died in the Hindenburg crash

interesting pictures 3

4: Chuck Jones original rules for the Roadrunner and Coyote – this is an epic interesting picture

our world in photos

5: A young stud known as John Wayne – interesting pictures continues below…

our world in photos

6: A possible photo of Confederate cadets during the civil war

our world in photos

7: A child’s gas mask during WW2. Shocking rare interesting photo

our world in photos

8: The oldest known documented wheelie, 1936

our world in photos

9: A german child trying to sell his father’s Iron Cross for cigarettes, 1945

our world in photos

10: The original voice cast of Peanuts 

our world in photos

11: The David Hilton family did not want to show their poor house to friends back east, but they wanted to prove they own an organ. Nebraska, 1887 

our world in photos 1

12: Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to fly. 1910

our world in photos 4

13: A 1930 photo from the statue of liberty’s torch 

our world in photos4

14: 106 years old woman guard her home in southern Armenia, 1990

our world in photos5

15: The first picture of the Andromeda Galaxy in 1888

our world in photos6

16: Serena And Venus Williams posing for a picture with former president Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy in 1990

our world in photos7

17: Arnold Schwarzenegger goes sledding with then president, George Bush, 1991 

our world in photos8

18: Dwight Eisenhower was the first US president to use a teleprompter in the 1952 presidential campaign 

our world in photos9

19: Four-year-old Bill Clinton. 1950. You can tell he means business. Love this interesting photo

our world in photos10

20: The first known picture of the Taj Mahal. 1855 


21: Anti miniskirt sentiment in New York. 1966 

our world in photos12

22: Tom Baker working on a construction site in 1974 before being cast as the 4th incarnation of Doctor Who

our world in photos13

23: Stripper in Clearwater , FLA showing the judge that her bikini briefs were too large to expose her vagina to the undercover cops that arrested her. The case was dismissed

our world in photos14

24: Adolf Hitler tells a frostbitten soldier not to salute him ( year unknown )

interesting pictures 15

25: Onlookers reaction to the Challenger explosion. 1986

interesting pictures 16

26: The first photo of the USS enterprise model and the men who build it. 1965

our world in photos17

27: A french opium party in 1918

our world in photos18

28: Kindergarten teacher Helen Hulick who was a witness to a burglary, was given a five day sentence and sent to jail for contempt only for wearing pants to court to give her testimony. Los Angeles, 1938

our world in photos19

29: A child is blinded by the atomic bomb at Hiroshima. 1945

our world in photos20

30: At a segregated lunch counter in Tennessee, Elvis Presley is waiting for his bacon and eggs while a woman waits for her sandwich. she is not permitted to sit. 1956

our world in photos21

31: The sonderkommando photographs taken secretly in 1944 by an inmate in Auschwitz . and along with a few photographs in the Auschwitz album are the only ones known to exist of events around the gas chambers 

interesting pictures 23

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Source: Imgur


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