31 Old School Cool People Who Are Way Too Cool For This World

Some people are just old school cool, or too cool for school, what ever you call them, they’re just awesome. On the popular site Reddit, there’s a subreddit dedicated to all the people who were or are just too cool for this world, you mostly see pictures of people from the 50s,60s,70s and 80s because let’s face it, everyone was cooler back than.

1. A dad shooting an album cover back in 1982

2. Kids looking sharp in Jamaica

3. A couple in the 70s looking old school cool

4. 1970’s fashion was way cooler than now

5. Out on the town during the 50’s

6. A group of greasers hanging around New York in the 1950s

7. Now this is stylish. Parents throwing a party making fun of the rich during the 1950s

8. Kick ass dad in his 20s

9. Woman enjoying a day at the beach in the French Seaside

10. Teaching math in Southern California during the 80s

11. Wearing a Mickey Mouse hat in the 50s

12. Grandpa too cool for school back in 1958

13. Selling flowers by the side of the road during the 70s

14. Old man sitting on a bike in Jamaica smoking a huge spliff

15. Young teen dancing at Woodstock

16. Dad skating his way to work back in 1982. Old school cool is just right here

17. Showgirls playing chess in New York

18. Badass sheriff during the 90s – cool man.

19. Ice skaters in the 30s. Skating with suits was a thing back than

20. Parents posing in front of a bus in Tehran

21. Giving the photographer some sass in the 50s. She’s cool and she knows it

22. Young hip couple kissing on the beach – 1952

23. Wembley, 1986 – Freddie Mercury on stage looking cool AF

24. Kid in the 90s vs Drake now, is it a coincidence?

25. Somewhere in Mexico this dude had some fun

26. Early 80s in NYC

27. Random guy from Facebook looks like a future rock star

28. Deion Sanders at the NFL draft. 1989

29. 1976 in Harlem

30. Bill Murray at Time Square 1979

31. NYC subway during the 70s

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