28 Truly Genius Ideas And Things You Wish You had Right Now

While there are people trying to get to Mars, develop Artificial Intelligence, or transfer their brain to a hard disk, there are things out there that could make our lives better and we don’t give them any attention.

Little things that are genius in how they could help us that we didn’t even think about them. Well, this is what we’re going to show you today. Some of them are funny, some of them are WTF, some of them…well, you’ll just stare at them and ask yourselves “How couldn’t I have thought of that?” Browse the list of these genius ideas and tell us we’re wrong.

1. This way you can wash your hands and use that water for flushing the toilet

genius ideas 1 (1)

2. These traffic lines in Ukraine are lighted in such a way that you can see them from every position

genius ideas 3 (1)

3. Both humans and dogs can drink water from here

genius things 4 (1)

4. These table screws are sorted by the stages of building

genius things 5 (1)

5. Once you arrive here, you can look through one of those pipes and see only a certain path or mountain

genius things 6 (1)

6. This is a special path for wheelchairs on the beach

genius things 7 (1)

7. This toothpaste not only has its ingredients written on it, but also what each of them do

genius things 8 (1)

8. The elevator button is a few meters away from the elevator so that by the time you are near the elevator, the doors will already be opened

genius things 9 (1)

9. This medicine vial has a timer on it, so that you can remember the time since you last opened it

genius items 10 (1)

10. These curtains are constructed in such a way that there won’t be any place between them when they are closed

genius items 11 (1)

11. In this elevator, there are buttons you can press with your feet

genius items 12 (1)

12. These lorries’ roof is transparent so that they won’t have to turn on the lights

genius items 13 (1)

13. This playground has little traffic signs so that the little ones can learn how to safely drive their bikes

genius items 14 (1)

14. This metal fence has a place where you can sit and relax

genius items 15 (1)

15. In this restaurant there are doors with foot handlers for the ones who are more afraid of microbes than the rest of us

genius inventions 16 (1)

16. These tires can save you the nuisance of inflating them

genius inventions 17 (1)

17. This is a swing for both the baby and the adult

genius inventions 18 (1)

18. These parking lines go up to the wall so that you can park easier

genius inventions 19 (1)

19. This shopping cart has a calculator attached to it to make sure you don’t buy more than you can pay for

genius inventions 2 (1)

20. This USB memory stick has an indicator of the memory

genius small items 20 (1)

21. This laundry room have fitness machines so that you can use that waiting time for good

genius small items 21 (1)

22. This bed sheet have a label telling which is the lateral side and the length side

genius small items 22 (1)

23. This Canadian whiskey bottle has a bus ticket attached to it for those moments when you need a safe ride home

genius small items 23 (1)

24. These chairs from a ski resort have a special place for storing ski gloves, caps, helmets and others

genius small items 24 (1)

25. These batteries have an USB rechargeable ports

genius small items 25 (1)

26. This laptop has an on/off switch for the camera

genius small items 26 (1)

27. This elevator indicator lets you know when it’s raining outside (Osaka, Japan)

genius small items 27 (1)

28. The backrest of this bench can be moved in both directions, thus you can stay away from the sun

genius ideas 28 (1)

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