20 Awesome Ideas To Turn Old VHS Tapes Into Something New And Cool

old vhs tapes 1

1: Use an old vhs tape to create cool pom poms

break an old vhs tape and then wrap the tape on your thumb and elbow, after you’re about halfway through the spool the tape will be rewound and just tape the bottom and cut the top. BOOM, you’re welcome

old vhs tapes 2

2: Make a cool vintage clock with your old vhs tapes

just remove the inside of the tape and place inside a working clock quartz and batteries and you can call yourself an artist

old vhs tapes 3

3: Make a unique bracelet from old tape

take the tape out of the cassette, now just use your crocheting skills and knit yourself a groovy bracelet that your friends will die for

old vhs tapes 4

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4: Cool gift ribbons

seriously, any movie fan will love this idea even more than the gift itself. just take out the tape from an old vhs tape and use it as a gift ribbon, easy as pie

old vhs tapes 5

5: A dining table

yes you too can build this cool table easily just by taking a wooden board and gluing the tapes on it. In today’s world where everything is on the cloud, this can come in handy

old vhs tapes 6

6: Storage case

Old vhs tape make for a surprisingly good and cool cases, if it’s for school or work or just for fun, you can easily customise your tape to be a cool case

old vhs tapes 7

7: Yarn dispensers

You will need yarn for this, and a lot of patience, but once you empty out the spool from the tapes, you can roll the yarn on it to easily store and not lose it like you always do. And for the spool, make a pom pom or something

old vhs tapes 8

8: Evergreen crochet shopping bag

These old paper bags just don’t cut it. If you want a hip and trendy bag or sack to carry your shopping with you, try to crochet a cool bag and see how it goes.

old vhs tapes 9

9: USB hub

this is a conversation starter even more than anything else, just take a soldering gun and some led lights and you’re good to go with this awesome looking usb hub made from your favorite old vhs tape

old vhs tapes 10

10: Picture frames

Finally a great idea! This is by far my favorite use of vhs tapes on this list. Slide your desired picture inside the tape and nail it to the wall. Not only does it look cool like it was meant to be, you can also hide personal objects inside the case

old vhs tapes 11

11: Foosball table

This is a work of art, seriously it looks so cool it should not be played and just sit there as art. But obviously any guy seeing this will start playing immediately. So forget what i just said.

old vhs tapes 12

12: Bird house

nice and easy vhs bird house for your bird friends,there’s no need for instructions here. You can figure it out by looking at the picture, and if you don’t, you’re not worthy of it

old vhs tapes 13

13: Wall shelves

Yet another great and simple idea to use an old vhs tape, just place them on the wall in a square shape and you have your book shelves ready to go

old vhs tapes 14

14: Rope

Please use gloves for this one, just stretch some spools tape good and hard, and than use a rope jig once it’s thinned enough. Can make a pretty strong cord this way

old vhs tapes 15

15: Planters

Spotted this online, just glue together some vhs tapes to make yourself a cool planter. Does it get any easier than this? I don’t believe so no

old vhs tapes 16

16: VHS tape used as a pencil case

perfect for students who always lose their pencils and pens, like me. Just make sure to not lose this whole case

old vhs tape uses 2

17: Door stop

To be honest, this is just a regular old vhs tape that was put on the floor in front of the door, there is nothing here to built. So it’s perfect or useless depending on how you look at it

old vhs tape uses

18: Another gift wrapping ribbon

Yet another gift ribbon like we showed earlier on this list. But instead of wrecking the spool here, we use it as a full smooth ribbon to give it a more expensive look. I think it looks better then regular ribbons

old vhs tabe uses 22

19: Cool fashionable dress

Whoa! This is the most complicated use of an old vhs tape, but it most certainly the best! Just look at this gorgeous dress

old vhs tape use 44

20: Use an old vhs tape to store your umbrellas

when you walk inside the house. Just glue them together and you’re done, pretty cool right?

old vhs tape uses 55

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