In a world where negativity appears to be glorified, it’s nice to have a bit of good in the spotlight. These photos highlight the better moments in life. As we try to bring you only awesome and positive news, this sits right at home with us, The Awesome Daily is dedicated to show the brighter side of life and articles like this one is what makes us keep going.

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stunning photos of humans 1

1. A father-daughter dance. The bond between this grandfather and granddaughter is unbreakable.

stunning photos of humans 2

2. A Kudish soldier celebrates victory with his son after recapturing Kobani, Syria, from ISIS militants.

stunning photos of humans 3

3. Mexican police officers break quesadillas while taking a lunch break during protests.

stunning photos of humans 4

4. A little girl with hearing and speech impairments puts on a happy face for photographers three decades after the Bhopal disaster.

stunning photos of humans 5

5. This 1-year-old has the pleasure of feeling rain drops falling on his head for the first time.

stunning photos of humans 6

6. A little girl clings to her father before he heads overseas to defend his country.

stunning photos of humans 7

7. African immigrant arrives on the shores of safety in Canary Island after escaping his homeland.

stunning photos of humans 8

8. This tribal girl lets her natural beauty shine through.

stunning photos of humans 9

9. 117-year-old woman, the oldest citizen of Misao Okawa, celebrates her birthday with family.

stunning photos of humans 10

10. This Syrian peshmerga fighter lets a bunny ride his shoulder.

stunning photos of humans 11

11. This newborn can count on the compassion of loved ones. Spread it abroad. Get more positive juice here!

stunning photos of humans 12

12. Italian soldier demonstrate The Thousand Yard Stare which happens to combat soldiers when in high stress situations. The soldier has an unfocused stare

Some of these photos really took my heart away, I love positive posts like this one.

Source: Imgur


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