10 Things Only People Who Hate People Will Understand

People are created unique and different from one another. Their differences cause them to be distinctive. Yet sometimes these differences cause others to clash and collide.

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There are people who literally hate other people especially when their traits and personalities are intolerable. They’d rather be alone than associate with them. Quite surprising but it is technically true. For people who have a very short fuse over other people, each day for them is like hell when interacting with people or simply having a conversation with them. They would rather put their earphones in just to avoid interacting with them.

Here are 10 normal things that people who hate people do whenever they are trapped within a group of people:

1. That Bitchy look, turns them off.

people who hate people 2

2. Only 3 people can be treated nicely for a certain period oftimee

people who hate people 3

3. You are very good at pretending to feel sorry about  cancelled events.

people who hate people 4

4. Strangers are one of their worst enemies.



5. You just love to throw sarcastic comments.



6. You longed wish that people would be like you.

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7. You easily get fed up with stupid people.

people who hate people 8

8. You would rather text than talk.

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9. You easily get irritated with children being around the vicinity.

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10. You think that there are people who are born to irritate you.

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