10 Dog Products You Never Thought You Needed

dog products you need 11

Dogs have always been a part of a family, yet taking care of them has never been that easy. Their needs are sometimes demanding that you tend to become immuned to them, not knowing that there are certain things that could help you make your job less tedious yet rewarding.

Here are 10 dog products that you think, you don’t really need, but once you tried it, you’d be grateful you did.

1. The Original Fozzy Dog Leash ($32)

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Source: Fozzy Dog Inc

Walking you dog will never be easier with this Original Fozzy Dog Leash where you can put your keys, poop bag, and phone in its pouch.


2. Buster Activity Mat ($70)

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Source: Barkshop

When you are tired from work and your pooch wants to cuddle and play, simply take out this Buster Activity Mat that will stimulate your dog mentally and physically and will keep him busy for hours.

3. Grannick’s Bitter Apple Dog Spray Bottle ($9.99)

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Keep your dog from licking its paws or chewing furnitures by spraying this bitter apple spray in case saying “No” is not enough.

4. Membo ($19.95)

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Source: Dreamfarm

If you want to properly monitor and keep track of your dog’s eating schedule, this reminder tool is the best solution. This allows anyone in the house to know if the dog has already eaten by simply flipping the tab over once the task is completed.

5. Baby Bumper ($19.95)

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Worrying about your pup from slipping between fences? This Baby Bumper has got you covered. Simply wear this to your dog’s neck and be at peace.


6. iFetch ($115)

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Source: iFetch

With iFetch, you have endless game of catch with your pup without your direct effort on them. Simply teach your dog to drop the ball into the iFetch and the tool spits it back.

7. Pet Umbrella ($7.90)

dog products you need 9

This Pet umbrella may not be necessary especially if the weather is fine, but keeping your pup dry and look nice is its very reason during rainy days.

8. FroBo($29.99)

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Source: Frobo

Frobo is a bowl that comes with a non-toxic gel insert that you freeze in fridge before inserting in the bowl for a cooling treat for your dog during a hot summer.

9. Cooling Mat ($30)

dog products you need 11

Source: Barkshop

Still having a problem with how to keep dogs cool? This soft and puncture-resistant Cooling Mat best fits your dog for taking naps during hot summer.


10. Bissel Pet Hair Eraser ($24.99)

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Are you trying to just live with dog furs scattered all around the house especially on couch or bed? Well, not anymore with this Bissel Pet Hair Eraser, a handy vacuum cleaner that literally erases traces of furs everywhere.

Source: barkpost