34 Animals Without Necks That Honestly Look Way Better

animals without necks feat (1)

Well, Reddit, you’ve done it again. You’ve added more ridiculousness to the internet. This time, it’s 34 different kinds of creepy Animals without necks. Really? I remember when the internet was for doing research and emailing. We were so proud to have all the world’s information at our fingertips.

Now, more than ever, the internet is more suited for memes and laughing at stupid stuff. Frankly, I prefer it that way. What would I do with myself when I completed my research? How would I entertain myself between emails? Sure, we had funny email forwards back then but they weren’t as weird and creative as what we’re doing now.

My favorite internet meme obsession now is Pretty Girls, Ugly Faces. Only in the 21st century would women be willing to make themselves ugly on purpose for the internet’s entertainment. And I just love it. Let your hair down, girl. Let go of your insecurities and show me how many chins you can make. If you ask me, pure beauty is when you’re not afraid to take a really bad up angle photo of yourself to amuse someone else.

Anyway, the new craze is animals without necks. It’s equally as hilarious as Pretty Girls, Ugly Faces but much more creepy. Take a look at these odd pictures and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

1: Animals without necks is funny but baby hippos without necks is adorable!

Animals Without Necks (1)


2: This little duck

Animals Without Necks 2 (1)

3: Giraffe without a neck is a totally different animal

Animals Without Necks 3 (1)

4: Pitbull looking scary as ever with no neck

If animals had no neck

5: Tiny fox gets even thinner

If animals had no neck 5 (1)


6: An elephant with no neck looks like his head is stuck you know where

If animals had no neck 6 (1)

7: This Cheetah

If animals had no neck 7 (1)

8: Baby Sheep is sooo cute

If animals had no neck 8 (1)

9: A lioness still looks fierce

If animals had no neck 9 (1)


10: Seagal

If animals had no neck 10 (1)

11: Meerkat looking at the world

If animals had no neck 11 (1)

12: Funny AF Zebra

If animals had no neck 12 (1)

13: Ostrich

If animals had no neck 13 (1)


14: This little birdy with no neck

If animals had no neck 14 (1)

15: A donkey looks pretty much the same

Animals Without Necks 15 (1)

16: Cow without a neck looks the same from both sides

Animals Without Necks 16 (1)

17: honestly, watching all these weird animals without necks was worth it just because of this cuty!

Animals Without Necks 17 (1)

18: text

Animals Without Necks 18 (1)

19: This wind dog

Animals Without Necks 19 (1)

20: Horse doesn’t look pleased with his new situation

Animals Without Necks 20 (1)

21: This is just too much cute for me

Animals Without Necks 21 (1)

22: Polar bear just walking around

Animals Without Necks 22 (1)

23: This bird looks the same as always i don’t know

Animals With no Necks 23 (1)

24: Ears much?

Animals With no Necks 24 (1)

25: Is that a snake? Holy fu**ing god!

Animals With no Necks 25 (1)

26: Looks like a rat

Animals With no Necks 26 (1)

27: A camel with no neck is very weird

Animals With no Necks 27 (1)

28: Sailing on the water

Animals With no Necks 28 (1)

29: Just jumping away

Animals With no Necks 29 (1)

30: He looks tough right?

Animals With no Necks 30 (1)

31: Don’t get me started

Animals With no Necks 31 (1)

32: A new species was born

Animals With no Necks 32 (1)

33: The bear looks more muscular

Animals Without Necks 33 (1)

34: Poor old dog, doesn’t know what happened

Animals Without Necks 34 (1)

H/T: Reddit

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