These Portal Mirrors Will Turn Any Room Into Another Dimension

If you are itching to make some interior design changes inside your home and you are having a hard time contemplating what kind of design should you put in, let me help you a little bit by simply suggesting to add to your room a Portal hole that will take you through different dimensions like in video games.

portal mirrors 3

Well, it may not be as easy as it sounds but it is definitely exciting. The only problem you could have is, this kind of trippy design will make you feel like a time traveler all the time and won’t put you in sleep mode so deprived sleep can be an issue. Unless you have a separate room for leisure and entertainment, you will be torn between sleeping and playing.

portal mirrors 4

These Portal mirrors in your room, are like entering into a new dimension that will give you an infinity effect. These mirrors are not your typical kind of home display.

Now, the most thrilling part, these portal mirrors are not difficult to set up. You simply need some blue and orange LED rope lights  and twin mirrors.

More info:

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Source: Boredpanda



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