There Is a Beast Living In Our World, It’s Called C-15


The average citizen doesn’t know that there is in our world a huge beast of an aircraft called C-5. It’s so big in fact that they use it to carry and transport other aircrafts. If you like those kind of things, please keep reading

There it is people – the C-5 Galaxy aircraft

C-5 Galaxy plane 1


Abrams tanks weigh 68 tons but this aircraft eats them up no prob

C-5 Galaxy plane 2

As a matter of fact, lets eat 2 of them

C-5 Galaxy plane 3

What? a semi trailer? sure, lets eat it

C-5 Galaxy plane 4

Space station pieces? YES! num num

C-5 Galaxy plane 5


Even an A10 can fit inside this thing

C-5 Galaxy plane 6

How about an F-15? Easy as pie

C-5 Galaxy plane 7

When building a new C-5 they transport the cockpit of the new aircraft inside the plane

C-5 Galaxy plane 8

A navy seals attack boat is no challenge for this aircraft

C-5 Galaxy plane 9


Doesn’t seem much from this distance, but thats a huge ballistic missile

C-5 Galaxy plane 10

Say hello to this captain photogenic

C-5 Galaxy plane 11

Someone actually needs to know what all these buttons and switches do

C-5 Galaxy plane 12

The thing is so huge it has two bedrooms, two kitchens, a living room and 75 passenger seats, all in the upper deck

C-5 Galaxy plane 13


Yeap – it pretty big

C-5 Galaxy plane 14

And it can also spit fire like a dragon if needed

C-5 Galaxy plane 15

If you look closley you can see the little baby C-10 next to it

C-5 Galaxy plane 16

Source: Imgur