The Tesla Model 3 Is Here, And It Doesn’t Disapoint


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For the fans of Tesla, the long wait is finally over! Along with the excitement and expectation and after many years of rumors, Tesla is proud to reveal its entry-level Tesla Model 3: the sleek, high-performance electric sedan for the masses. 

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With Musk saying that “we don’t make slow cars.” With its lowest model that goes from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than six seconds.

“At least” 215 miles will the minimum electric range , but it is expected to be greater than that. There are also far more new and better features that help the car to exceed the present range.

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The autopilot safety features are available in all all Model 3. Musk declared that there would be no additional packages, no paywall—just day one semi-autonomous capabilities.

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The Model 3 has a comfortable 5-seating capacity with the interior space where the dashboard and firewall can be pushed forward for more room and convenience. Its rear roof portion was made better with a very colossal piece of glass that allows you to have a clear view of the sky.

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The car also comes with a front and back trunk spaces as it was originally designed in all Tesla vehicles. This unique design was built and engineered without working around an internal combustion engine upfront.

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Tesla also proudly claims that the new Model 3 is incredibly safe and should be rated with five stars rating in every category.

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Source: jalopnik