Stock Tank Pools Are So Hot Right Now And You’re Going To Want One Too

So these stock tank pools are a huge thing right now and i want one for my house so bad ( i first need to own my own house ). If you were one of these people who grew up on farms or around them, you probably already know the stock tanks and you don’t know why we’re just writing about it now. You used to fill it with water and play with your brothers or animals all the time as a kid. But for the rest of us growing up in cities and without a huge farm or even a small garden, this is news to us.

So right now we can see more and more people using stock tanks as affordable pools in their backyards. YUP! Instead of spending huge money on building pools you can just get a stock tank pool in pennies compared to the price of a in-ground pool. Pictures don’t lie and as we can see from the gallery below, it looks pretty good.

An actual in ground pool can set you back in the five digits price set, stock tank pools or more accurately a stock tank will roughly cost you $350, a pump is like $89 and you’re good to go! If you feel fancy you can get more landscaping to put around your new pool but that’s up to you. Your new pool will keep you cool as breeze in the hot summer days and it also looks very chic and cool in your backyard.

If you’re a handy guy, you can easily set up a stock tank pool in your house by surrounding it with a wooden deck or just bury it inside your lawn, This is good not only for design, the stock tank can get really hot in the summer days so this solves the problem of not touching the hot metal. I’m already digging a hole in my pretend backyard. Who’s with me?

Stock tank pools are so hot right now

stock tank pools 2

If you’re handy you can bury them inside your lawn and it looks just like the real thing

stock tank pools 3

You can get a stock tank for roughly $350, a pump for like $89 and you’re good to go

stock tank pools 4

If you’re good with your hands, you can surround it with a wooden deck to make it even more cool

stock tank pools 5

Or just go for that raunchy look like you have a huge farm

stock tank pools 6

Either way, it will look pretty cool in your backyard and will keep you cool during hot summer days

stock tank pools 7

Are you digging a hole yet?

stock tank pools

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