Road Tripped The USA With My Camera,Girlfriend And Her LED Hula Hoop


Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

road trippin the usa 2

Grant Mallory is a product photographer and an image reviewer working from home. After graduating from university and starting an internship, he figured that the best time to go on a short road trip and explore the US is while you are not entering into a stable and professional job and because seasons like this can be your most memorable and remarkable times travelling in places you never been before especially in the famous spots around the US.

According to him, camping on trips is not expensive. It is absolutely feasible especially when you love to travel. You just need to have your car so you can sleep and eat there.

They have road trips on famous landmarks and national parks and have taken pictures of the beautiful landscapes along their way. But on his latest US road trip to the national parks with his girlfriend, their purpose was to show the distinctive and unique features of each spot on the parks with a little twist of modern approach to it

With a Sony a7ii camera with few manual focus lenses suitable for that type of photography. Also included is a tripod and a remote trigger for long exposures. His girlfriend brought her Mood hoop LED hula hoop with a remote to fine tune the colors and patterns of light. After long hours of finding the right spot and waiting till it is dark to shoot the perfect shot of the LED hoop, they’ve come up with these dazzling photos of national parks in different facets. Road tripping the US is never been this exciting!

Here is the photo the NPS chose:


Golden Gate Bridge,California

road trippin the usa 3

Crater Lake, Oregon

road trippin the usa 4

Olympic National Park, Washington

road trippin the usa 5

Olympic National Park, Washington

road trippin the usa 6


Badlands National Park, South Dakota

road trippin the usa 7

Redwoods National Park,California

road trippin the usa 8

Source: Imgur | Reddit



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