Father Daughter Duo Crushes The Internet With Their Crazy Hairdos


Father Daughter Duo Crushes The Internet 1

Benny Harlem is more than just an inspiring singer, songwriter, and artist. He is also an amazing father. Benny and his 6-year old daughter, Jaxyn, have become internet sensations due to their unique bond and unique looks.

Father Daughter Duo Crushes The Internet 2

In regards to helping his little girl become the well-rounded youngster that she is, this model father insists that she understands the most important factors of all; self love and respect.

“I put my child on a pedestal. What my daughter knows is that if she loves herself first, love will align in her friendships, relationships, and all aspects of her life…my only concern of my daughter is the nobility of her character. I teach her to demand respect.”

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Harlem provides an excellent example of how to show confidence in everything that you do, and to always embrace your heritage. He believes that his job, as a parent, is to protect and grow his child. By doing so, Harlem hopes that his love for his daughter will help Jaxyn to grow up confident and strong.

Jaxyn appears so confident and happy in her own skin throughout all of Harlem’s social media accounts. There is no denying that Benny is doing a phenomenal job as a parent.

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How does he do it you ask? By nourishing the mind, body, and soul. “Fatherhood is a miracle and an honor…the only way for me to protect her for life, is to prepare her for life…our seeds grow in the upward direction if we continuously water and nourish them.”

Check out more of this father-daughter duo on Instagram and Twitter.

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