Dad Was Left To Watch His Two-Year-Old,Now Watch What Happens


So a dad of a 2-year-old was left to watch his daughter alone while his wife was out, not sure if this was the first time he babysit alone, but for the sake of the story let’s say it was. This is how things went down:


His two year old was quiet for a while, so he went to investigate

dad parenting 1


Found her passed out cold on the table, this is where the parent skill kicked in and he decided to have some fun

dad parenting 2

Commence the Invasion of the toys in Toddler Hill

dad parenting 3

They had no resistance, so quickly they grew in numbers

dad parenting 4

They started building on their new settlement – they are here to stay

dad parenting 5


Then mom comes home…and I’m not allowed to watch her anymore…


Source: Imgur