34 Only In Dubai Things You Won’t See Anywhere Else

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Dubai, so many things have been told about this country, you can do almost anything you want there when it comes to luxury and weird hobbies. This post is about only in Dubai things you can’t do anywhere else, or you just won’t probably see them anywhere else, like taking your camel out for a walk, dine in the sky or be chased by police in Lamborghini cars. Check out the list and don’t forget to share.

1. Only in Dubai you can have lunch in the sky

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2. Or go skiing in the middle of the desert

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Wanna experience a huge slip n slide? SURE why not, Dubai has it

only in dubai 3 (1)

Look at this huge theme park

only in dubai 4 (1)

3. Go skydiving in one of the most exotic spots on earth

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4. Play tennis on top of a skyscraper – sure, makes sense

weird stuff in dubai 6 (1)

5. You can sleep underwater in this cool Dubai hotel

weird stuff in dubai 7 (1)

6. ” Just hanging around with my tiger friend, no biggy “

weird stuff in dubai 8 (1)

7. Owning a pet lion? Sure, you can do that here ( but you really shouldn’t though, animal cruelty anyone? NOT COOL )

weird stuff in dubai 9 (1)


8. Not really Dubai, this is Israel, but i’m sure in Dubai you will see this a lot too

weird stuff in dubai 10 (1)

9. Only in Dubai you can watch a camel race

dubai luxury living 11 (1)

10. The starbucks looks like a prince palace

dubai luxury living 12 (1)

11. Need some gold? Why would someone need a gold ATM?

dubai luxury living 13 (1)


Why not just take money out? Strange, but dubai is

dubai luxury living 14 (1)

12. This ridiculous looking jeep is available for purchase in Dubai, because why not really

dubai luxury living 15 (1)

13. In Dubai you wait for your bus in an air conditioned station

stuff you only see in dubai 16 (1)

14. Dubai skyline is one of the best ones in the world

stuff you only see in dubai 17 (1)


16. Feeding your pets exotic foods

stuff you only see in dubai 20 (1)


17. Getting stuck in traffic where all the cars are speed races

stuff you only see in dubai 21 (1)

18. Getting that luxury car delivered to you by helicopter

wtf dubai 22 (1)

19. Lions live better than you do in Dubai

wtf dubai 23 (1)

20. You wouldn’t want to catch a ride with this guy

wtf dubai 24

21. Bikes like this one

wtf dubai 25 (1)

22. The cops drive Lamborghini cars

wtf dubai 26 (1)

That’s style!

only exsists in dubai 26a (1)

23. Moving around on a stand up paddle board

only exsists in dubai 27 (1)

24. Casually walking your camel out for a walk

only exsists in dubai 28 (1)

25. Bizarre hobbies people in dubai have.

only exsists in dubai 29 (1)

26. Buying a phone that costs more than you house is a thing you can only do in Dubai

only exsists in dubai 30 (1)

27. Bathrooms that look like this!

only exsists in dubai 31 (1)

28. Or bedrooms that look like this. Damn!

omg dubai 32 (1)

29. Posting grooms wanted ads in the local paper.

omg in dubai 33 (1)

30. Free food at grocery stores. That’s a nice thing really

omg in dubai 34 (1)

31. Weird T shirt designs? YES we have these here

omg in dubai 35 (1)

32. This sign will obviously only exist in Dubai

omg in dubai 36 (1)

33. Clash of culture – only in Dubai

only in dubai 37 (1)

34. Your very own marriage consulting

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