27 Unique Bathtubs You’ll Never Want To Leave

Going into the bathtub is one of my favorite parts of the day, don’t you agree? After a long day of work or training, there’s nothing quite like it. Water is flowing, hot and steamy, lots of bubbles, heaven on earth right? But there’s nothing better than getting into a unique bathtub and sitting inside relaxing and even sleeping. Below you can find a cool list of unique bathtubs that will make you want to renovate your house right now. You have the floating bathtub or the glass tub that looks amazing! Or even bathing under the stars in the middle of the forest.

Unique bathtubs #1 bathing in the middle of the forest
unique bathtubs 1

#2 This is an unusual bathtub with TV inside

unique bathtubs 2

#3 Classic design with a cool delicate waterfall

unique bathtubs 3

#4 Sunbathing while taking a bath, how cool is that

awesome bathtubs 4

#5 Taking a bath inside an aquarium

unique bathtubs 5

#6 Your own private bathtub within the trees

awesome bathtubs 6

#7 bubble, a very unique bathtubs

awesome bathtubs 7

#8 Luxurious bathtub that looks like from a billionaire house

awesome bathtubs 8

#9 Submerged jacuzzi tub next to the fire place

awesome bathtubs 9

#10 What a view!

awesome bathtubs 10

#11 Relaxing next to some candle lights

awesome bathtubs 2 (1)

#12 hanging bathtubs

awesome bathtubs 3 (1)

#13 Curtains to nowhere

awesome bathtubs 4 (1)

#14 Wooden bathtub – would you like to bath in this

awesome bathtubs 5 (1)

#15 I want this bathroom like right now

unique bathtubs 6 (1)

#16 Golden bathtub lookk beautiful

awesome bathtubs 7 (1)

#17 Metallic bathtub that is really unique

awesome bathtubs 8 (1)

#18 Looks like a coconut bath under the stars

awesome bathtubs 9 (1)

#19 yellow tub vintage look

awesome bathtubs 10 (1)

#20 Black and white design, classic and nice

awesome bathtubs 11 (1)

#21 Glass tub – elegant and beautiful

awesome bathtubs 12 (1)

#22 Unique bath, white and clean

unique bathtubs 13 (1)

#23 what a view – stunning!

awesome bathtubs 14 (1)

#24 cool waterfall flowing into the bathtub

awesome bathtubs 15 (1)

#25 A beautiful red wall that makes the bath look bold

awesome bathtubs 16 (1)

#26 green bath – maybe the most unique one we saw today

unique bathtubs 17 (1)

#27 It’s more than a bathtub, but it’s very unique

unique bathtubs 19 (1)

Did you get some good ideas here from this list of unique bathtubs? please share with your friends. 

Source: Imgur


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