17 Little Body Language Tricks To Help You With People


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1: Laugh in a group to find out who is close to whom

When a group of people laugh together, each one of them will make eye contact with the one person they feel closest to. So next time you want to know who likes whom. just open your eyes

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2: Shout Yeahhh!!! to easily wake up in the morning

This actually works, the next morning you try to wake up and your alarm goes off, just sit up right and pump your fists and shout YEAH!

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3: Look at people’s feet

When talking to any person, notice their feet, if they are pointed at you, this means they like talking to you, if they turn to the sides they are probably not really interested in what you have to say

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4: Slow and steady

People will most likely do what you say if you give them a simple task first, this really works

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5: Work on your pose

The most effective way to let go of stress is to change your pose. When you stand in a power pose your actually changing the way you feel.

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6: Use mirrors to fight anger

For those working in the costumer service centres there is a known trick to get people to be more calm. place mirrors behind you so when a costumer talks to you he will see his reflection in the mirror. No one wants to see themselves act as assholes

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7: Never fear interviews again

Tell yourself these things:

1: I know these people all my life

2: We’re just old friends catching up, can’t wait to see them

The way it works is that after saying these things it registers in your subconscious and you won’t feel jittery

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8: When people are angry at you for no reason, just to react

Next time someone yells at you, just remain calm. this will make them more angry but eventually they will calm down

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9: Talking to yourself works great!

Have the Monday blues? need a pick me up? just say positive things to yourself, eventually your brain will convince you of those things

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10: Feel more confident just by changing your stand

When you stand in this way you suddenly begin to feel more confident and happy

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11: Don’t say ” I think ” or ” I believe ” too often

This is a sign of low confidence

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12: Pull a Monica!

Clean your house, cleaning helps clear clutters you have in your life – and your house will be nice and clean

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13: Just smile

It makes you feel good about yourself , and others. It make people like you

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14: Try to remember other people’s names

When meeting someone for the second time, remember their name and address them in their first name, it will make them feel special and will earn you some brownie points

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15: When walking to a room full of people, just assume everyone likes you

Yeah. simple as that. Will make you feel good about self

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16: Ask open-ended questions

To show the other side you are interested in what they have to say, ask open questions that are not closed with a YES or NO

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17: Start your argument with a ” Yes…but..”

Will notify the other side you accept what they say but your opinion is different – respectfully

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