Librottiglia Is a Genius Wine Label With Short Stories To Read While You Drink

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A glass of wine and good company, that is a recipe for a great evening. However, not many of you thought of a book in this concept. But if you think about it, a book can be a very good company for sure.

Librottiglia is a brand that combines wine and literature in a perfect way – wraps printed pages around bottles of Italian reds and whites. So, you get 2 in 1 – a good wine and a good literature to read while you enjoy it. There are several types of wine to choose between and a specifically selected literary short intended to match the characteristics of the vintage with an appropriate genre and narrative. You get a short story, long enough for two glasses of wine, which is the number of glasses you get from one bottle.

The stylised packaging of this delicious little satisfaction that you have just for yourself is designed by Reverse Innovation for the Matteo Correggia winery in Italy. The covers in each case double as both book titles as well as wine labels and descriptions. Stories include The Frog in the Belly, I Love You Forget Me and others by journalists, humorists and mystery writers. More info:

“Today we read books on computers, tablets and mobile phones,” note the creators. 

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“Why not on a bottle of wine? After years of discussion about analogue vs. digital, we want to propose an alternative: oenological” (meaning: related to the cultivation and study of wine).

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Every bottle in the Librottiglia label has a short story that perfetly fits the bottle drinking size

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Currently the short stories on the 375ml bottles are available only in Italian ( sad face ) 

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But we have high hopes that they will soon be made for english readers as well

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The word Librottiglia is a clever combination of the words book and bottle

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The string that keeps the book close is a nice touch of design 

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Enjoy a good book while drinking great wine, what a time to be a live

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Personaly i love this idea of the wine bottle book librottiglia, if you agree, please share

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