All Eyes On This 89-Year-Old Bridesmaid


Age is certainly only a number. One grandmother recently proved life’s possibilities to truly be endless.
89 year old grandma steals show 1
Christine Quinn asked her “Nana Betty” to be her bridesmaid when she got engaged a few months back. Although the honor is usually reserved for a close friend outside of the family, or a younger sibling, Christine could not think of a better person to be her right hand woman than her beloved grandma.
89 year old grandma steals show 2
“How can I say no to my granddaughter,” asked Nana Betty. At 89-years-old, Betty had to receive thorough instruction and took things a bit slower than the average bridesmaid.
89 year old grandma steals show 3
She, however, made a good showing at the ceremony. “We had to tell her what to do and who to walk with a couple times, but by the time she got to the altar she was smiling and waving at everyone,” said Quinn. Grandma Betty took a number of pictures, captured by photographer Julie Melton, alone and with the wedding party before calling it a day. How sweet!
89 year old grandma steals show 4

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