25 Famous Logos With Hidden Messages That Are Pretty Sneaky


Quickly count the times you saw the logos of Amazon or Coca Cola , you can’t right ? we see these logos everyday and there is no way we can count the times we saw them . but what if we told you each logo you thought you know by heart is actually hiding a subliminal message . pretty awesome right ? here are some famous logos with hidden messages 


1 :  Baskin Robbins

The pink 3 and 1 that help makes the R and B represents the 31 ice cream flavors the chain offers 

Famous Logos With Hidden Messages - baskin robbins


2 : FedEx

The arrow in the white space between the E and x represent that this company is always moving forward 

Famous Logos With Hidden Messages - fedex

3 : La Tour de France

You can see a cyclist in the word Tour right ? pretty awesome 

Famous Logos With Hidden Messages - tour de france


4 : Cisco

This company is based in San Francisco – they really gave credit to their hometown by the name of the company and you can see the golden gate bridge in the shape

Famous Logos With Hidden Messages - cisco

5 : Hope for children initiative

You can see a young boy looking up at an adult in the logo

hidden messages in logos - awesome logo


6 : Adidas

They found a great way to place their famous three stripes in the logo that is shaped like a mountain , representing the challenges their athletes will have to overcome in their way to success

logos with hidden messages - adidas

7 : Sun Microsystems

The diamond shaped logo has the word SUN in it from every angle 

hidden messages in logos - sun microsystems

8 : LG 

The letters L and G make up a happy face , which represent how the company wants her customers to feel 

logos with hidden messages - lg logo

9 : Wikipedia 

The globe made up of puzzle parts is un-finished , which represents that the quest for finding all the information in the world is never ending 

logos with hidden messages - wiki logo

10 : Girl Scouts 

You can clearly see two girls in the logo 

hidden messages in logos - girl scout logo

11 : Sony Vaio

This logo is made up from the analog and digital wave pattern

logos with hidden messages - vio logo

12 : Coca Cola 

You can see a Danish flag in the company logo . it is unclear if this is intentional or not 

logos with hidden messages - coca cola logo

13 : NorthWest Airlines

A really clever logo , you can see that the letter N can turn into a W with the help for the little triangle that is also pointing  north-west 

logos with hidden messages - northwest airlines logo

14 : Spartan

The swing of the gold player also creates the buff of the spartan worrier 

logos with hidden messages - spartan logo

15 : Google

The green I is an act of rebellion , it is the only letter in the logo that is not a primary color , this represents that this company isn’t like all others 

logos with hidden messages - google logo

16 : Yoga Australia

You can see Australia in the white space between the dancer’s leg and arm

logos with hidden messages - yoga australia logo

17 : Formula 1 

The white space between the letter F and the red streak creates a 1 

hidden messages in logos - formula 1

18 : Families – Marriage 

The ili part of the word Families look like a little family , and the double RR in the word Marriage looks like a couple getting married 

logos with hidden messages - families marriage logo

19 : Wendy’s

You can see the word ” MOM ” in the little redhead color 

logos with hidden messages - wendy's logo

20 : McDonald’s

In 1960 the company looked for a new logo , Psychologist Louis Cheskin who helped them come up with the Golden arches explained they resemble ” a pair of nourishing breasts ” 

hidden messages in logos - mcdonald logo

21 : Tostitos 

Look at the middle of the logo , you can see two people enjoying a tostito with a bowl of salsa, this represents that tostito connects people together 

hidden messages in logos - tostitos

22 : NBC

We all know the logo for NBC is a peacock , but what you might not know is that the rainbow of colors in its tail represents that NBC is not just for Americans but for all nationalities 

Famous Logos With Hidden Messages - nbc logo

23 : Amazon

The website has everything you could possibly want , from A to Z , and they deliver it with a smile 

Famous Logos With Hidden Messages - amazon logo

24 : Pittsburgh Zoo

This beautiful logo creates the shape of a lioness and a monkey in the white space of the tree 

Famous Logos With Hidden Messages - pittsburgh zoo logo

25 : Toblerone

If you look closely you can see a polar bear climbing the mountain 

Famous Logos With Hidden Messages - toblerone logo

Source : viralnova

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