Skeleton Flowers Turn Into Transparent Flowers When It Rains

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Have you ever seen a flower like this? It’s pretty and white in the sunshine and it’s completely see-through when it rains. It’s called diphylleia grayi or Skeleton Flower. These awesome transparent flowers are native to both Japan and the United states. If you’ve ever gone hiking in the Appalachian mountains you might have seen this flower. I’m sure I’ve seen it but I would have looked right past it, not knowing about its awesome super power.

In a post at, the author put it best when she said “Wouldn’t something like “glass flower” be more appropriate?”

It is kind of surprising that anyone would name this flower something so dark. It is kind of cool, but it seems more reminiscent of a fairy tail rather than a ghost story or something.

If only these see-through flowers were available in stores for Valentine’s day. That would be the coolest bouquet ever. I will no longer be impressed by any other flower arrangement. Take a look at these stunning photos of the Skeleton Flower. Maybe you saw them on a hike one day and didn’t even realize just how special they were.

Most of the time the diphylleia grayi flower will be all white in color

transparent flowers (1)


But when it starts to rain these beautiful flowers turn completetly transparent!

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As you can see from the images, it’s pretty clear why they got their nickname ” Skeleton flowers “

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But we feel that glass flowers or transparent flowers is a more appropriate name for such a lovley flower

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The reason most people don’t get to see this flower when it’s in glass mode, is because most people only go hiking when the wheater is clear and sunny

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And that is exactly the time these flower are all white, so you might have walked right passed them without ever knowing what they truly are

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If you saw this flower in real life and have something interesting to share with us about it, please do so in the comments below

Source: rocketnews

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