Expert Pediatrician Reveals How To Calm A Crying Baby In Seconds


A baby’s cry is the simplest way of communicating his needs or what he or she is up to. Without words, they can easily relate to the people around them. But at times their cry is a bit worrisome especially when you don’t know how to calm them down. There are babies that turn blue when crying too much while some are hardly gasping for breath due to too much energy they exerted in crying. Some reasons why babies cry are: they need to wee and poop, or they are hungry, or sleepy, or something is wrong with them. This is frequently not that easy especially in the early days of an infant.

An expert pediatrician from Santa Monica named Dr. Robert Hamilton who has 30 years of experience in his  profession has released a video tutorial about the most feasible way to calm and soothe a baby in just a matter of seconds. The video provides the detailed instructions that include the shaking of the baby’s booty.

If you want to learn from the expert’s tutorial, simply watch this video below and see how it will work for you!

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If the baby is crying,simply do this…

How To Calm A Crying Baby 1


Shake their booty

How To Calm A Crying Baby 2

Watch the full video here:

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