Live Peacefully In A Hobbit House That Takes Only 3 Days To Build


Hobbit House 2

Who would believe that you can now build a house of your own in just three days? Yes, you read it right! Just three days, and you can freely live as a hobbit in these houses in your own convenience. Beside the comfort that you will experience with these Hobbit holes, they don’t consume too much space. The Green Magic Homes who is behind this incredible idea makes prefabricated houses that are intended to be covered with soil. These do it yourself homes are not hard to assemble. You can in fact plant vegetables or plants as ornaments around the house. The grass planted all around will keep the house warm during winter and cool during summer.

The Green Magic Homes are made up of  modules that come in various sizes. The smallest one can be built in just three days while the bigger ones will take up one week to finish. Just make sure to assemble them properly for them to last longer.

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Hobbit House 3

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