You Can Now Get Drunk And Eat Ice Cream At The Same Time People


This changes everything!  just keep reading

” Im a little buzzed! No i’m just kidding , i’m just kidding, i’m sorry that was inappropriate “

Wine Ice Cream 2

” She was buzzed before we even started, it has nothing to do with the ice cream ” 

Wine Ice Cream 3

You might know this ice cream brand because it has been around for years. Mercer’s Dairy is the name, and ice cream is their game, but all changed in 2006 when they launched a new ice cream that changed everything! Wine ice cream. this is not just wine flavoured ice cream, this is an actual wine-infused ice cream that has 5% alcohol level, so this means you can actually get drunk by eating this wine ice cream!

Wine Ice Cream 4

It contains up to 5% alcohol and you must be 21+ to purchase 

Wine Ice Cream 5

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