Want To Know When Your Brain Is At Its Peak? It Might Surprise You

Intelligence comes to us with birth and can be increased and decreased over time, depending on the environment and lifestyle. Clearly, it would be awesome if we could somehow know in which lifetime period we are the smartest – That way, we would be able to plan and prepare for big things.

Believe it or not, human brain cells begin to die when we are only 20 years old, not just those who are partying a lot, but everyone faces this change – it is a natural process of aging that does not actually affect the intelligence quotient, but it affects the state of neurons.

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Namely, the neurons are wrapped in a myelinette coat, which has the ability to conduct electrical conductivity. The myelic envelope helps accelerate the transmission of nerve stimuli, which is why we can process and respond more quickly to information from the environment.


It has been shown that the myelic envelope begins to weaken after 40 years and it has been aging for years, which is why we react and think slower. Before we enter the forties, our brain activity reaches its peak. Scientists from the University of California were interested in how many years we were the smartest and according to the results people reach their ‘smartness’ limit at age of 39.


Does that mean all of us are going to be the smartest at age of 39? Of course not! This is just a statistical information and an interesting fact. What do you think what was/is your smartest period of life?

Does being slower at processing information make you panic? Do you think that is a bad thing?

‘The myelic enamel begins to collapse around 30, but when we are 39 years old, our body is capable of restoring it’ says George Bartzokis, a professor at the University of California. After 39 years, the myelic envelope is slowly reconditioning and begins to decay, which is why we are getting slower and harder to process information.


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