Want To Leave a Good Impression? Just Follow These Simple Tricks!

Presentation takes only a few seconds, which is enough time to create and leave a good impression or not and carry it with you. Pay attention to these small techniques and a good impression is guaranteed. The first and foremost rule is, if you want others to like you, be open, without prejudice and misgivings.

Step one: Be open if you want to leave a good impression

Leave a Good Impression

It is very important that you are open minded in every kind of communication. Do not cross your arms in front of your chest or in your abdomen. – It is very important to be positive towards new people. When welcoming or presenting, it is advised to focus on the feeling of positiveness.

Step Two: Make contact with the eyes.


Everyone should encourage eye contact because that way we see more positive things when it comes to new people. Start a conversation with a smile, the people you are speaking to will experience your positivity and will be more open towards you without any incentives. This is a great tip to leave a good impression.

Step Three: Stay positive

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it is advised for you to be the first one to laugh or make the contact. By doing that you are sending a message that you are an honest person. Researchers of social skills and communication say that if you have an open attitude towards people, then you can finally be aware that they will remember you in a happy way.

Step Four: Say goodbye with a sincere smile.

Leave a Good Impression

No matter how you are greeted, whether it is a bad or a good day, it is important to show the positive energy and an honest smile whenever you are greeting someone. By doing this you give the person the impression that you are happy to meet them. Also, when you shake hands, it is essential that you handle it firmly, but do not break someone’s arm! That’s not how to leave a good impression trust me.

When someone is presenting themselves to you, it is good to repeat their name out loud. This will make it easier to remember their name, but also leave a solid positive impression. In case you meet more people at once, you do not need to say everyone’s name, instead, it is important to share the other features of contact with people – eye contact, smile, and greetings.

Source: BusinessInsiderIflscience



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