These Vintage Venice Beach Roller Skaters Photos Will Take You Back To The Good Old Days


Vintage Venice Beach Roller Skaters Photos 3

Skating has been a popular pastime and recreational activity since the mid-1900s until it evolved as a competitive sport which was enjoyed by everybody. It also became useful as a form of transportation. You will never see a vacant space without roller skaters and skateboarders on the scene. This kind of recreational activity has brought a new perspective to the culture that is also modernized.

In 1905, Venice, California, which was originally established as an independent resort location surrounded with picturesque canals filled with exquisitely designed gondolas was annexed by Los Angeles City in 1926, but later on became neglected and left unrehabilitated.

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Almost regarded as a densely populated urban area, Venice’s bungalows though looked cheap eventually caught the attention of musicians and artists and many other who saw a different and unusual beauty in the place.

Aside from its unconventional nature and set-up, Venice proudly displays the completely perfect sandy beach that adds to it’s magic and attracts more people, including its lengthy boardwalk,which is very suitable for the vintage yet popular rollerskating. See all the vintage Venice Beach Roller Skaters photos below:

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Venice Beach skaters 6

Venice Beach skaters 7

Venice Beach skaters 9

This girl is a perfect example of the vintage roller skaters that ruled the beach in those times

Venice Beach skaters 10

Before mobile phones and social media, you just took your skates and passed the day with your friends

Venice Beach skaters 11

Venice Beach skaters 13

Fun family time, i must get me a vintage skate pair to try and bring it back!

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Vintage Venice Beach Roller Skaters Photos 15



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