This is why Jennifer Lawrence RULES


Jennifer Lawrence is the hottest thing right now and for a good reason. For those of you still in doubt, here are some perfectly good reasons why Jennifer Lawrence kicks ass!

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1: She is always prepared, you can’t surprise her or get her without her best look ever

Jennifer Lawrence


2: She is a talented actress that can play any role with the greatest ease. Example: Surprised, disgusted, angry and sad. Did that just blew your mind?


3: She is very mature for her age. Letting directors and staff members know she is a hard worker and serious


4: Turning heads with her explosive personality – and not using her ridiculously good looks to achieve success



5: She knows exactly what to say in the right moment to win you over

jennifer lawrence oscar

6: Or is she….?



7: Photo-bombing on the red carpet is the next big trend and she already got it down


8: Always practicing working on those face muscles for the next big role


9: Winking at the audience or having a mild stroke? You be the judge of that


10: Love her job, respecting every movie and director she ever worked with and looking forward to do so again.

jennifer-lawrence-meme (1)


11: A well-known gay activist person, Lawrence show her support every chance she gets.


12: She is a winner! – even after winning she stays grounded and modest.


13: Her long relationship with Josh Hutcherson makes us all proud ( not really – he is a loser and we can’t wait for them to break up )


14: Little known fact – before she became a giant movie star. Jennifer long time dream was to become an opera singer.



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