Things Look Very Different When You’re a Dad

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Things look very different when you’re a dad, all dads will testify that this is true. When you’re single and just thinking about yourself, everyday things seems very different and take on very different meanings as opposite to when you have a kid. I first noticed this when I had my first child, my baby girl, and all of the sudden, things became different. The remote control your clothes and even going to the movies, it’s all changed, and you accept it as the new reality.

Below are 10 cool illustrations showing how things look to the untrained eye in changing diapers compared to a veteran dad who can change it in his sleep while holding the other baby on his shoulder trying to get him to fall asleep again.

1. The remote has only three buttons that two of them are annoying

reality vs dad vision 1


2. A T shirt is the nicest thing you own

reality vs dad vision 2

3. Dinner is a piece of cake

reality vs dad vision 3

4. Every reality girl looks the same to you

reality vs dad vision 4

5. When your kids turn on the light when you drive in the dark

reality vs dad vision 5


6. You really want that hat

reality vs dad vision 6

7. Yeahhhhhhhh nap!

reality vs dad vision 7

8. You are hilarious aren’t you

reality vs dad vision 8

9. You like embarrassing your kids so much

reality vs dad vision 9


10. You should have been a rock star

reality vs dad vision 10

Source: Collegehumor

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