The Top 10 iPhone 5S Parody Clips On The Internet


Everytime a new iPhone or other product by apple comes out, they throw a big event with lots of media and really try and build it up for the fans. In the time when Steve Jobs was alive he really knew how to present and build suspense while showing new tech and products. Since the company has changed leadership in recent years, it’s easy to see that their commercials have also changed.

Back in the day apple commercials was the shit, everyone talked about them and they were always a hit. Now days every spot is pretty much the same and we already saw it all right? Well, in the gallery below we try and remember the good old days of apple, and their fantastic commercials.

We gathered all the funniest and coolest iPhone 5 or apple commercials ever made and put them all in one page. Get ready to laugh

1. iPhone 5s – S stands for same – Classic



2. iPhone 5c – The C stands for CASH! Give us your money for the same sh*!

3. Would you buy this phone for real? It has body time – Not face time.

4. The new phone is 3 cm taller at the top and 3 cm shorter at the bottom – You’re welcome

5. Don’t forget about the ipad. Introducing the iPad 5 swtf



6. Siri  just got smarter – The new iphone siri service is improved

7. The new nail clipper air – That’s right. A new product from apple?

8. apple is dropping their stock value to do what??

9. This is an iPhone 4 commercial but it’s so good we had to include it



10. Facetime has never looked better

So many cool iPhone commercials, so little time, Steve Jobs would be proud and this is all we have for you today, but we will try to update this post whenever we can.


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