The Different Types of Travelers We Can All Relate To

Different Reasons We Travel

Everyone travels for different reasons or has different justifications for the things they get up to on their travels. As someone who spends a lot of time travelling, I have met so many travellers, and despite what you might think, we are not all the same. Not at all. These are the different types of travellers.

1. The ‘chill’  reasons to travel 3

This type of traveller is just so happy they are seeing the world that they don’t even care where they go or what they do. They find wonder in every moment, but prefer relaxing over adventuring.

2. The ‘let’s go everywhere’

reasons to travel

This is almost the opposite of the chill traveller. This type of traveller is so concerned with fitting as many things as possible in their itinerary and seeing every recommended place, sometimes they forget to enjoy the experience altogether.

3. The ‘selfie stick’

Yep, I’m sure you’ve seen them around. These are those people who cannot go anywhere without carrying their selfie stick in tow. Behind every famous monument seen or activity experienced, there must be a selfie to prove it.

4. The ‘look at me’

reasons to travel 2

One-up from the ‘selfie stick’, the ‘look at me’ generally doesn’t care too much for selfies, and prefers pictures taken of them at every angle in every place they go. They try so hard to create ‘candid’ and ‘natural’ travel photos that by the time they’ve got the perfect shot, it is time to leave.

5. The ‘eco-ethical’

This is the kind of traveller we should all aspire to be. They take the environment as their greatest concern, and will always think about the impact on a society or its surroundings before making any decision.

6. The ‘empty pockets’

This is the kind of person that you can never figure out how or why they are still travelling, as they never seem to have a cent on them. The truth is, they have mastered the art of not spending a dime to see the world – and find that people are only too happy to help them along their way.

7. The ‘walking travel guide’

This is the traveller that does an immense amount of research before leaving on any trip. Even before stepping off the plane, they know the best bars, restaurants, hotels and sights to see of their destination, and have a complete itinerary in mind.

8. The ‘go with the flow’

On the other end of the scale from the ‘walking travel guide’ are those who simply buy the plane ticket and leave without another thought. If they like a place they might stay there longer; and if they find they don’t…they are off to discover the next place.
What kind of traveller are you? If any of these describe you or anyone you know, make sure you share it!

This article was written by Suzie Kelsey, a travel and language blogger inspiring travellers to learn languages and language learners to travel, as she believes the two go hand in hand. You are most likely to find her at her blog ( or Instagram

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