The Caucasian Mountain Dog Is a Massive And Impressive Dog Breed That Was Onced Used To Hunt Bears

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The Caucasian Shepherd dog or more commonly known as The Caucasian Mountain Dog is a huge dog breed that is popular in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and especially in Georgia. Georgia has always been a key region for breeding Caucasian shepherd dogs and the official standard of this dog breed is based on the dogs bred in Georgia.

Most well known feature of these dogs is their huge size and physical appearance resembling a bear. There is no mistake as if you are looking at a Caucasian Shepherd dog or not. Easy to recognize and if you’re not his owner or part of the family, you should be careful as these dogs are naturally suspicious of strangers.

I am a dog owner myself and i have never heard of a dog breed called the Caucasian Mountain Dog. Have you? I was under the impression i know all the breeds as i really love dogs, i’m sure you thought the same. Trust me when i say you will want to keep reading about this dog breed and see the pictures below.

Here’s a short video about the huge dog breed:

The Caucasian Mountain Dog was actually bred to hunt bears. It was bred in Caucuses of Russia and by the size of this dog, bears got nothing on it.

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This huge dogs can weigh up to 200 lbs. Which is heavy enough to kill you if you find yourself under one of these dogs.

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The Caucasian Mountain Dogs are suspicious. Making them great guard dogs, honestly, just by looking at their size is enough to scare any person.

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But they bond very strongly with their immediate family so you shouldn’t feel anxious around them if you raise one

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Sometimes referred to as The Caucasian Ovcharka, these dogs were first bred in the mountains of Caucasus right between the Black and Caspian seas.

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The Caucasian Ovcharka dogs have been around for 600 years and they have been used in the past to hunt bears and protect sheep flocks.

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These dogs like to work and stay busy, sitting all day in the sun won’t be enough for them.

Caucasian Shepherd dog 7

The Caucasian Mountain Dogs are also one of the most fearless dog breeds in the world and also one of the most loyal breeds

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Remember that these dogs are truly huge. and if you fell in love with them already and want to adopt one.

make sure you know all about them and that they fit in your family without any worries. These are bear hunting dogs, their size and tendencies are unique and not like any other dog breeds so take note of that before adopting.

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Aren’t they magnificent? Beautiful dogs there’s no doubt about it

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