Surprising Health Benefits of a Home Aquarium

Your home is likely your safe haven; a place to relax, unwind, and simply be yourself. It should be a welcoming space you spend your days in or come home to after a long day of work. It also is a space that you can make your very own and decorate as you prefer. 

Animal lovers often include an aquarium somewhere in their living space as it has many decorative, as well as health benefits. No matter whether you prefer fresh or saltwater fish, or the presence of aquatic frogs or turtles, there are many surprising benefits of home aquariums.

Where to Place an Aquarium

Aquariums should be placed where they can be enjoyed. When placed in main living areas, such as a family room, sunroom, or dining area, even those who visit can take advantage of their presence.

They also are an excellent addition to bedrooms and home offices. Even well-used bathrooms may be a great place for them, especially if it is a space that opens in to a master bathroom.

Aquarium Benefits

No matter where you plan on placing your aquarium it will add to your decor and bring a surprising amount of benefits to your life. And it is important that you make it part of your decorative process and help use it to highlight your own artistic or creative tastes.

Aquariums can be personalized to showcase amazing underwater landscapes and serve as a living addition to your home. 

As for unexpected benefits, those related to health are amongst the most surprising. There is a very good reason why many doctors and dentist offices include them in waiting rooms as being in the ri presences if very calming:

Pain, Anxiety, and Stress Reduction

Stress and anxiety can be debilitating at times, especially if you are tired and worn down, or recovering from injury. Aquariums help to divert your mental focus while you watch the fish, turtles, or frogs swim and take in the touches you have added to the aquarium decor.

This is often soothing and stimulates feel good receptors in your brain to help better manage pain and stress. 

Blood Pressure and Heart Health Support

The ability to lower stress and recovery helps support the lowering of blood pressure and heart function as they are often related. Stressors, both mental and physical, increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes, and can also lead to sleep disruptions and weight gain. 

Mood and Relaxation Influence

Much of the stress relief you may experience in the presence of an aquarium is due to the sound and lighting they provide. The sound of flowing water through a filter for your turtle tank or fish and frog tanks, can be influenced to create a soothing trickle and work as a peaceful stimulant. Lighting effects are equally relaxing and can soothe your senses. 

Beneficial Teaching Opportunities

Not surprising is the positive mental opportunities keeping and caring for an aquarium can influence for both adults and children alike. The obvious benefits include the learning of basic care and maintenance, but it can do so much more.  

Create Focus and Calming 

Those who struggle with focus issues, ADD or ADHA, can benefit from the relaxing and stress reducing influences of a tank.

The feel good hormone released when you enjoy the presence of something, and the consistent sound of flowing water can serve as a white noise option, and  can redirect attention and focus.

Positive Behavior Influences

Hand in hand with focus issues are therapeutic benefits of emotional response control. Children learning to properly respond to situations, and many adults working through tough times, may find an aquarium a peaceful addition to their space. 

Responsibility of Pet Care

Simple aquariums are a great way to begin teaching children how to care for a living animal and be responsible.Tank care is generally easy, but not always simple.

Lessons about specific fish species care, water treatments, feeding, and problem solving are all ways to add to the overall experiences. 

Mentally Stimulating

For children, caring for a fish tank is an excellent addition to their learning, but it is also a great stimulating option for adults.

Minds that continue to learn are sharper and quicker to problem solve compared to those left unchallenged.

Researching tanks, fish, and feeding, as well as creating your own aquarium vision are all great ways to introduce new, challenging challenges. 


Many people add an aquarium to their home without ever realizing what positive influences they are introducing to their living space.

If you are unsure of whether a fish, or other type of tank is worth investing in, consider all of the above surprising benefits!

Everything from mental stress and physical health can improve with a tank, or two, being placed in places you can enjoy!

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