Turn Every Great Speech Or Song You’ve Heard Into a Beautiful Art Piece


sound as art 1

This is really one of the coolest things i’ve seen in awhile. A Tennessee company has created visual art pieces from the greatest speeches of all time, Martin Luther King’s ” I have a dream “, Ronald Reagan’s ” Tear down this wall ” speech and many others are now immortalized in a new and beautiful way. You can now see how these speeches look like and if you like you can actually put them on your wall as an art piece.

Its called, Sound Art, the company has taken the audio sound wave pattern from from each speech and created a visual art piece, but they even took it one step further, you can use your smartphone and glance at the picture and hear the speech while you swipe the phone on the canvas. pretty cool right?

” You might call this art in motion, ” says Bill Seaver, one of the founders of Epic Frequency. ” Both Nathan ( business partner ) and I are fascinated with technology and art and thought what a cool way to capture and share important moments from American history. Too, we liked how the art encourages conversation and engages people in a truly unique artistic experience ” More info: EpicFrequency.com | Facebook

sound as art 2

sound as art 3

sound as art 4

sound as art 5

Source: Imgur | Epic Frequency