You Never Really Lived Until You Tried a Rock Burger

In their own words ” This is how you do a real canadian cookout ! You go out in the bush with food , a knife and tinfoil . everything else you use can be found there.


This is the result , now lets see how to make these rock burgers

Meet Riley , He likes to smash big rocks on a day to day basis

Ryan will be our chef today

First thing is to take some red and green onions and wrap them in tinfoil with some potatoes

The secret sauce to every canadian barbecue is beer and maple syrup

Take some bacon and wrap it with some corn….obviously pour some maple on it . MnMnMnMn

This may look bad, but bananas and onions together is maybe the best thing in this dish

When everything is wrap good in tinfoil – throw it to the fire

Now check this out. we place a big flat rock on half of the fire

This rock has a few barbecues under her belt so she absorbs a lot of flavour

Pour some beer on it for more flavour

Dont stick your hand in the fire. This is not one of the steps

Bananas are done!

Riley gets to taste them first – we think he likes it

Beer break

Bacon is also done – grab it

Second course is the sausages – looking good

Burn baby burn

Dont be stingy with the maple syrup

They use another flat rock for a warming tray, you know. to keep the food warm

There you go buddy

Take out the sausages …put in the burgers

Throw some buns in the mix to toast them

Burn them good. yeah

Nothing like a hot sausage inside a burned bun

Eating the trout right from the grill is how real man eat

We don’t need no plates

Be Careful with that knife Riley

Burgers look good – but they need some special sauce

Beer them !

See how they turn black ?

Time to flip them

DONE ! – now im eating – so no more pictures

Throwing a double hatchet on a tree.. y? because i can

Source: Imgur

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