Photos of Brilliant Colored Floor Tiles With Its Peculiar Beauty Taken In Paris


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Artistic works like paintings, sculpture, hand-made crafts, and photographs have their distinctive genres to be expressed depending on the style of the artist that would capture the heart of the beholder . People can see them in the most usual way they could imagine but  if you have an eye of an artist, you can see them even in the most unexpected place or time.

This is what the photographer,  Sebatian Erras did in his Instagram project called Parisian Floors (aka @parisianfloors) wherein he exhibited certain angles of ornate floor mosaics that represent the various places and sites in Paris. In his Instagram account, Erras even captures not just the kaleidoscopic colors, but also a diversified artistic approach of each subject where some have a symmetrical structured patterns and angular shapes while others have a fancy decoration patterns. Every tile is intricately crafted and designed for whoever dares to look down and be astounded with its finely detailed artwork.

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Erras was inspired to do this project during his trip to Marrakech where he marvelled at the flooring and in his amazement, he began taking pictures of everything that caught his attention. He realized that those kind of staggering floors with sophisticated structural details are also found in France when he returned there so he resolved to document them on Instagram.

His Instagram wants to communicate that even in the most unexpected angle of the world, you can see the genuine beauty  that refreshes your soul. You just need to be open-minded and expect the unexpected yet amazing gifts of life that comes in tiny little boxes. His project aims that the photos they see will encourage people especially the locals from Paris not to get so accustomed with what they see in their city, but instead begin to unravel its hidden beauty. In an interview with Trendland, he adds, “There’s not only the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and other monuments but the city has a lot more different angles and things to be appreciated. You just have to see and notice them.” Simply put, he says, “Look down!”

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