Breathtaking Paintings Of Van Gogh Used As The Subject For Tilt-Shift Photography


Paintings Of Van Gogh 1

Bright colored objects are always eye-catching and somehow attractive because our eyes tend to focus on objects where light and bright color is greatly emphasized.

Many years ago, the astounding beauty of field of tilt-shift photography drew so much attention on the Internet and it became part of the trend that people engaged into. This kind of photography, using a specialized lens that provides an illusion to a real world scenario without altering the very feature of an image. Visit the Credits page for links to some exquisite examples to this kind of visual art.

This kind of photography effect works very well in regular photographs by simply adjusting the depth of focus, contrast, and color saturation which can be simulated in Photoshop. In order to prove that it also works in paintings, the wonderful works of Vincent Van Gogh have been the perfect subject to apply this effect.

Below are the breathtaking pictures where the tilt-shift photography was applied on some of Van Gogh’s marvelous paintings. In order to compare the recent photos with the original unaltered paintings, visit the Credits page.

While the motive and intention of doing these mànipulations is simply just for fun and entertainment, simply enjoy the beauty of this photography. If you have a meticulous eye, you will spot some details that you didn’t see in a normal painting. Have fun scrolling down!

Paintings Of Van Gogh 2

Van Gogh paintings 3

Van Gogh paintings 4

Van Gogh paintings 5

Van Gogh paintings 6

Van Gogh paintings 7

Van Gogh paintings 8

Paintings Of Van Gogh 9

Paintings Of Van Gogh 10

Source: Imgur | Artcyclopedia



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