This Is How a Body Of a Champion Looks Like, Not Exactly What You Thought


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The human form has been a topic of great fascination for centuries. Creating images of the perfect body is a common subject. We see it throughout history, in sculptures, paintings, photographs, and even advertising.

Top athletes around the world spend most of their time training and honing their bodies to be in tip top shape for their particular sport.  The common spectator can appreciate a “well-toned “ body, but we rarely think about the difference results that training for different sports might create in muscle tone and body mass.

In this insightful photo shoot Howard Schatz introduces us to a series of images that compare a large group of athletes from a wide range of sports and disciplines.  His Athlete series shows us the pointedly different effects of training on the human body.

All of his subjects are at the top of their class in their particular event, and represent a perfectly calibrated body ideally suited for their particular sport.  Each subject is shot on a black background in matching suits to allow the observer to evaluate the merits of each form.

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