Meet Lix – The World’s Smallest 3D Pen

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Just when you thought everything you need has been invented, people come up with something super amazing and useful. Meet Lix, the world’s smallest 3D pen which gives you the ability to draw in the air. What makes Lix pen special is the fact that it is the size of a regular normal pen opening many various possibilities for all of the creative people out there. Think about all those times you had a great idea and you wanted to paint it, or design it, now you can and see how it looks in real life in 3D. Let us introduce you to Lix, the world’s smallest 3D pen and what can you do with it. More info: Kickstarter

Did you know Lix is the world’s smallest 3D pen?

world's smallest 3d pen


All you have to do is load a plastic wire into it.

And then plug into a USB port.

Lix 3D pen will melt the plastic wire and that’s how you draw

You can use it to draw in the air, without any paper at all!


Plastic is a magical thing, look at all of the things you can create with this amazing pen!

You would not believe if we told you this was made only by using the Lix pen right? Well believe it

world's smallest 3d pen

What do you think of this awesome invention of a 3d pen? Would you like to own one? What would you do with it? if you already have this or have images of creations made with this pen, please share with us.

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