Mantra’s Butterflies Are Taking Over Europe As Giant Murals

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For some artists, one’s creative expression is not a private matter that remains confined to the pages of a sketchbook or masterfully imprinted upon a lonely canvas. For the street artist known as Mantra, Europe is his easel. His medium is spray paint and magic.

Residents of France, Bogota, Spain and Austria have the opportunity to view these paintings up-close and in person. On the exterior of the building chosen for Mantra’s latest masterpiece, breathtakingly realistic butterflies and other creatures soon will take form-dominating the modern urban landscape with a touch of nature’s beauty. His paintings reside not only on the sides of buildings, but inside abandoned structures and other urban spaces that might otherwise have gone overlooked.

Mantra is most known for his depiction of preserved butterflies, which are brought to stunning 3-D life with the use of shadows and a keen eye for detail. Not all of his subjects are confined to boxes, nor are they always butterflies. This incredible street artist has created brilliant works of art featuring cats, arachnids, birds and insects that all appear to both seamlessly fit into their surroundings and stand out against them.

In the case of this artist, the key is in the details. Subtle effects create a transparent glass-like effect that one would find in a collector’s inventory of preserved specimens, and long shadows only add to this illusion. From a distance and up-close, you might find yourself convinced that you could reach out and touch a slick glass surface.

These whimsical illustrations delight guests and locals alike by bringing a sense of wonderment together with vivid realism. This pairing of worlds creates illustrations that not only catch the eye, but entrance the mind as well.

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