Heroic Man Saves Kittens From a Horrible Oil spill In Russia


Every life counts. For a true hero, it doesn’t matter if it’s just two tiny kittens in danger, he doesn’t hesitate to run and help. Earlier this year an oil spill happened in Nefteyugansk, Russia. Anatoly Tuptey, a local resident, was working on stopping oil spreads in a floodwater of Ob river when he heard cries for help.

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“My soul could not stand the cries, I went to see. You never know what is going on, I had to check,” said Anatoly for Siberian Times. Soon he realized who was crying for help: two kittens floating on the wooden bar.

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“Without hesitation, I went after them. I was up to my waist in the oil. The ground was giving way, my wading boots were full of water mixed with oil, but I did not care. I was rushing to save the kittens. I picked them up, hugged them, and carried them to the shore, where I wrapped them in a T-shirt to warm them up, ” said this noble man.

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Kittens were completely covered by sticky oil, but once they were on safe ground they were cleaned and by now they’ve recovered completely.

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