Loyal Dog Tucks a Sleeping Newborn Baby Into Bed


Dogs are proven to be one of the best human companions and their loyalty to their humans are remarkable. In simple words, dogs are just amazingly adorable even if they do little things for you.

Whilst some people are cautious about  few of dog’s behavior, saying it is not safe to leave your baby at home with the big dog alone, some still are convinced that dogs are good protector of the family. The video below is one of the many proofs that dog’s are quite wonderful man’s companion.

Parents of this newborn baby are looking for the right opportunity to introduce their baby to their dog after arriving home from the hospital. But they were surprised with what happened. It seems they had nothing to be worried about.

This adorable pooch knows how to take care of this new member of the family, making sure that the little baby is fully tucked within a blanket to be warmed and comforted. Such a thoughtful acts of love!

Same with the pit bull who taught a tiny baby to crawl, dogs are simply sensible to care about the little ones and that’s why they could have a strong bond of friendship when they grow up with them.

Before the video ends, when the baby was wrapped up in a blanket, this loyal dog left this little fellow assuring that he has done what he is supposed to do. These two are going to be good friends in the end.

If you feel that this video inspires you, and you are convince that dogs are not just a companion, but also brings happiness and strong friendships into the family, take the time to share this video!

Source: littlethings