Legendary Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher is in a coma after ski accident


The 44 years old champion suffered severe head trauma after his accident, he arrived to the hospital in critical condition and was sent to surgery immediately. Schumacher was wearing a helmet when he fell on his head hitting a rock.as of this time he remains in a coma and the whole world is waiting for updates.


Schumacher is known to be an aspiring skier and he was skiing in the french alpine resort with his son when the accident happen. he was wearing a helmet but the hit to the head was supposable to hard and still cause a lot of damage .

Michael Schumacher skiing

He was rushed to the hospital in a near town with helicopter and went several surgeries

michael schumacher

The entire racing community is in shock and praying for the champion driver




michael schumacher

Schumacher won seven championships and 91 races during his racing career and is considered one of the best if not the best racing driver in the world