Justin Bieber and R.Kelly are teaming up and making a new song..whattttt?


The song will be about getting busy with it and all that swag that clearly Justin have and what not. and its called PYD. It’s pretty rare to that combination of a young female ahh sorry..young male artist such as Justin collaborating with an older rapper like kelly.

last time they showed their faces together was in this instagram photo of the two just naturally chilling with a boom box



So after reading what we just wrote. and after you mind blow up. You ask yourself, would they make the greatest song ever made? And would it be sweet sweet music like only R.Kelly knows how to do. and yes Justin is also there.


The answer is YES:

The song title stands for ” Put You Down ” which really means.. ” lets make sweet love together women ”  while clearly Justin contribution to the project is awesome we thought we let you know that some of the famous lyrics that Kelly is so known for will be displayed in the song. Example ” Cause i’ve been doing forensic on your body in the club girl. ”  thrilling! so deep. OK so its not secret. Justin is trying to move from pop to R&B and he think that by teaming up with past legend good things will come. Maybe. Probably not. PYD will be the seventh song in Bieber Music Monday series.



here is a link to the series: Link to the series

We tried getting R.Kelly to comment on the subject and we managed to get this response  while bieber seemed more pleased :


justin biber

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  1. Xaromir

    December 3, 2013 at 9:11 pm

    Maybe he’ll piss Justin in the face. *fingers crossed*