Japanese Photographer Creates Hilarious Action Toys Stories

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Some people never grow up, and life is much better that way. This Japanese photographer is still playing with action figures and using photography to depict the stories he creates. He brings characters together from all different genres and franchises. Sometimes they have epic adventures together and sometimes they’re just doing regular stuff. Most of his photographs show awesome graphics and movement. It’s like the action figures come to life.

Take a look at these life-like pictures of your favorite superheroes and even causing mayhem on a tiny scale. Let us know what you think in the comments section. Do you still play with action figures? Because you should. This guy’s doing it and we love his action toys stories!

#1 Superman showing Batman what strength really looks like

Action Toys stories (1)


#2 Than Hulk came along and blew them both out of the screen – love these action toys stories

Action Toys stories 2 (1)

#3 Great shot of Ant man running away from the artist shoe

action figure stories 7 (1)

#4 Not sure you guys understand how this thing works

action figure stories 8 (1)

#5 Spiderman killing it showing his stuff

action figure stories 4 (1)


#6 Black Panther fighting Captain America

action figure stories 10 (1)

#7 The most loved superhero riding his bike looking cool

action figure stories 11 (1)

#8 Tony stark, always fighting the good fight

action figure stories 5 (1)

#9 ” Hi Cap. Come here protect my suit from the rain “

action figure stories 9 (1)


#10 The whole gang together – The avengers

Action Toys stories 3 (1)

#11 Harley Quinn fooling around, love it!

action figure stories 12 (1)

#12 Like always, The cap and Iron man fighting again.

action toys stories 6 (1)

#13 Thinking about life, Tony Stark.

action figure stories 13 (1)


#14 Spiderman finding out about smartphones

action toys stories 14 (1)

#15 ” Are we fighting or dancing? Or both? “

action toys stories 15 (1)

Source: Instagram

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