Here’s How To Stop Nails From Splitting Or Breaking

Nails are not just a nice decoration on our hands, they are also a mirror of our health. By the nail condition it is possible to conclude whether you are healthy or whether your body lacks certain vitamins and minerals. So How To Stop Nails From Splitting Or Breaking?

How To Stop Nails From Splitting Or Breaking

Many women, unfortunately, have problems with their fragile nails. Because of this many women could never wear long nails because as soon as they reach a certain length they start splitting, breaking… Are you interested in preventing nail breaking, or what you can do to have more beautiful and healthy nails – below we will reveal some great tips gathered from the respected dermatologists.

Find a good cream or lotion for your hands and nails and keep it with you (always)

In particular, protect your hands and nails before going anywhere. If you want natural care, get almond oil.


Beware of nail size – this is a great tip on how to stop nails from splitting or breaking

No matter of nail shape, whether your nails are oval or square, all of them can be solid and healthy. Much more important is the way you cut your nails. If you have fragile nails, make sure you trim them regularly to the length that suits you best.


Avoid nail polishes containing formaldehyde

When choosing nail polish, select the one that will preserve the moisture of your nails and that will not contain harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde (which can cause nail splitting or even an allergic reaction) and drying toluene.


Use nail polish remover without Acetone

If you want to have beautiful nails, avoid acetone in a wide range. Fortunately, today’s drugstores are available with a wide range of non-acetone-free nail polish removers, so just read the bottle before purchasing. Usually, such nail polish removers are stated to contain no acetone. However, nail polish should not be removed too often because acetone-free detergents contain some harmful ingredients such as acetate, which can also negatively affect the quality of your nails.

How To Stop Nails From Splitting Or Breaking



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