How To Become A Yogi Expert With These 11 Steps


Yoga has been very popular throughout the years, people all over the world have seen the positive sides of practicing it. If you are one of those people, you probably wish to do it yourself, and that is great! We bring you 11 steps which will make you a Yogi expert in no time!

1. Prepare And Do Your Research

Aside of yoga classes, there are various ways to do it and get to know more about it. Internet! Watch demonstration videos online, read yoga articles and learn about the psychology behind yoga. Be ready to get all your answers and learn how can postures affect your mind and your body.

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2. Know How To Breathe

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Being conscious of your breathing (inhaling and exhaling) will have a great effect on your yoga and workout experience. Not breathing properly and as supposed to will make your workout a lot less effective and that much harder to turn into a yogi master. Watch your breathing!

3. Create Your Own Schedule

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The creation of your own schedule has a lot to do with your motivation and discipline. Try to keep your schedule clean and be prepared for your workouts. Do not schedule your workouts during the daytime when you have got other plans!

4. Experiment And See What Suits You

There are various kinds of yoga, you do not have to go and stick to one of them only. Give a try to all of them, give yourself time to feel and decide which yoga suits your body and mind the best! It is all about you, so don’t let others decide about it!

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5. Meet And Talk To Your Teacher

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It is very likely there will be unknown poses and you will be all confused, that is fine. Wait after the class and ask anything you feel insecure about, your teacher will appreciate your interest and give you the best answers possible.


6. Know Your Own Limits

Do not force yourself to do things you are not able to, why tolerating the pain? Yoga is all about positivity on our mind and body, therefore, you need to know your limits and not push yourself too far. Maybe the most important tips on how to become a yogi master.


7. Do Not Be Judgemental

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When first starting with yoga, it might feel strange and a little bit funny. Do not let that fool you, get rid of the judgemental thoughts and be positive!

8. Prepare Your Mind Before The Class

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Leave your phone, laptop and other things behind, go to a technology free room and dig deep into your mind, relax and get ready for your class.

9. Build Your Community

Having friends do yoga with you is an amazing experience, see how well they do, help them out and be helped. Everything is a lot easier with a good company, so is yoga.

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10. Plan Your Diet Accordingly

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Eat depending on your day, make sure you know when is the right time for you to do it, or ask your teacher to help you out with it. After work eat something with proteins, healthy fat or carbohydrates, before your workout eat something easily digestible with natural sugars.

11. Close Your Pretty Eyes

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Closing your eyes during yoga is the key to good breathing rhythm, good exercise and a positive result. It is rather weird at the start, but nothing bad can really happen, just relax and close your eyes, listen to yourself. These are our 11 tips on how to become a yogi master. Please share with your friends



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