Here Are The First Signs Of Sleep Deprivation – Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Whether you are living a lifestyle that includes minimal time for a good sleep, or you are suffering from some form of insomnia, sooner or later you will see the first signs that your body is affected by the lack of sleep.

Tired Girl

Your skin does not feel healthy

If you do not get enough sleep, your skin may soon show up in a very bad shape. Certain studies have shown a link between sleep deprivation and acne, associated with the fact that sleep affects hormone secretion. The sleep deficit also negatively affects the immune system, which makes the body more exposed to numerous diseases.

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Your eyes feel tired and look awful

Redness, swelling, dark eyelashes are signs that your eyes did not spend enough time closed. Studies show that people who are sleepless enough tend to show wrinkles, swelling and loss of skin tone. Namely, hormone releasing and skin cell renewal occurs at the time of deep sleep, without which the skin will not regenerate fast enough and will look much older.


Weight issues

Quality sleep allows the body to adequately control the hormones of gut and leptin, which regulate our appetite and hunger. If their excretion is in imbalance due to lack of sleep, you will be eating much more than you should, which often leads to overweight.

You often change the mood – Irritability is a common sign of bad sleep. In one study, the respondents were organically sleeping for only 4.5 hours per week. The result was an increased level of stress, anger, and mental exhaustion. Respondents felt better as soon as they returned to their usual sleeping rhythm.


You feel depressed

Depression and sleep loss are also closely related. Depression can lead to insomnia, but vice versa, lack of sleep can lead to depression in the long run.

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